Private Equity

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Private equity in Vietnam

Vietnam has become in recent years one of the largest rice and coffee exporters. At the same time growing more and more interest to invest in new technologies. Against this background, also grew the interested our business partners in Vietnam in joint projects with our business partners from Europe. One of a preference are factories for production and processing of technical, chemical products or the processing of food.

Act Up to date (Juni 2020)

For example, a company (in a central location in one of the largest industrial areas in Vietnam) is currently looking for a co-investor to buy state shares in the company. If you are interested, please contact us.

Private equity in Europe

Another Vietnamese partner is looking for profitable investment opportunities in industrial locations in Europe for the purpose of investing capital (only finished or short-term projects).

Training (e.g. as part of commissioning) & presentations

Since our company was founded, we have been organizing practical training courses on machines and systems from European manufacturers in Vietnam. With project presentations we support the decision making for the purchase of new machines and the planning of investments.

Project development

Our cooperation partners have extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of technical projects, including the business and banking preparation of financing documents. For example, they participated in the following projects:

  • Russian Federation: Extraction of gas and condensate from a natural gas field (5 billion m³ gas, 600,000 t gas condensate)
  • France and the Czech Republic: Cryogenic recycling plants (end product use: e.g. as a partial substitute for thermoplastic elastomers)
  • Germany and Turkey: Arena construction