... is a company based in Berlin. Our services are in the B2B business. Together with companies from Germany and neighboring countries, we focus on technology with products and services from this area. You can find details at SERVICES or at MEDIA LIBRARAY.

Asia - in particular Vietnam - is one of the current priority.

Our business partners in Germany and neighboring countries are ...
primary manufacturer of technical parts and also technical service companies (manual workman of the German technology in engineering / service engineers).

Our business partners in Asia and neighboring countries are ...
public and private companies in the chemical, construction and printing industry, the hotel industry, the food processing industry and lotteries.

Private Equity

The economy in Vietnam has been growing steadily for years. More and more companies are interested in joint projects with international partners.

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We deliver filters, machines, systems, spare parts and chemicals from Germany to different countries. Our goods have already been delivered on time even in Afghanistan.

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We supply filters for liquids and gases. Together with our partners, we plan and install compressed air stations and test for energy saving options.

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Technical Service

We carry out special repairs and general overhauls with machine and system manufacturers and selected specialists.

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