about us

We founded our company VIETFORT in Berlin 11 years ago. At this time the country of Vietnam came into our focus.
The occasion was a project presentation for a German plant engineering company in the field of thermoplastic elastomers.
At the same time, Vietnamese state-owned companies from various industries were visited. Some offered us their current problems with imported systems.
So there were always complications with the operation, the procurement of spare parts, maintenance and repair.
For example, the technology of a large print shop that only came from Germany a few years ago did not meet the technical expectations.
A short time later we were able to solve the problems on site with our German specialists. After the subsequent training of the staff, the operation of the machines was optimized and the first step towards establishing itself on the Vietnamese market was taken.

Since then, companies outside of Germany have regularly approached us with various concerns.
The focus is on the procurement and export of technical spare parts, help with problems with German technology as well as special repairs and support with the settlement or entry into the German market.

The company is managed by Phan Thanh Hung and Dirk Drope. Mr. Drope was born in Berlin and studied chemical engineering. He works in a wide variety of areas and industries (production, research and development, purchase and sale) - for example oil refinery in the field of waste water separation from flocked crude oil suspensions or as development engineer for carbon brushes. Mr. Phan was born in Vietnam and came in the 80s to Germany. Through his family and friends, he has the best contact, in particular with numerous directors and their business partners in Vietnam - for example lottery companies, printing industry, the military and oil refinery.